Monday, July 5, 2010

After Virtual Study Conference 2010

VirtualStudy Conference 2010 was the first edition of the virtual conference where all attendees as well as speakers have been remotely connected together via Live Meeting platform. This time I have been talking about reactive programming  as a general way of writing code. Here is the overview of my presentation:

Reactive Programming - a new paradigm of programming

Nowadays more and more systems created by us work in the cloud. Client while connecting using WebService is performing certain operations. Remote calls have longer time of duration than local methods, so often we are forced to perform them asynchronously. .NET Framework provides mechanisms, such as threads, APM pattern (Asynchronous Programming Model) or EAP (Event-based Asynchronous Pattern.) But the problem arises, when we want to coordinate a number of simultaneous asynchronous requests. What will happen in a situation where one of the operations will be canceled, or there is an unexpected error? Code that supports such a scenario becomes unreadable, and thus - difficult in maintenance and testing. During this session we will be presenting several approaches to reactive programming, including Reactive Framework, TPL, asynchronous workflows in F # and AsyncEnumerator project.

As usually code samples and slides are available here and you can watch the presentation here. Enjoy!