Friday, September 12, 2008


I'd like to welcome you on my blog!
I have been thinking about blogging since last couple of months. Now the time has come and I'm here :)
At the beginning I'll introduce myself and try to explain why I'have just started this blog.
My name is Marcin Najder, I work as a software developer in one of the biggest Polish companies. Mostly I work with newest Microsoft technologies such as VS2008, Sql Server 2008 and many, many other useful tools and frameworks. Just about those technologies I'm going to write. There are 2 main reasons for my blog:
  • Blog as a place for improving my english. This is the first and foremost reason,
  • In my day to day work I'm very often looking for solutions to many different problems. Many of them I find on blogs on the web. Maybe I'll be able to give you my solutions for your problems. It's all about sharing knowledge...
I think it's enough for the first post. :) See you next time!

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Lukasz said...

Congratulations! Let this blog be successful.